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DRESSAGE TODAY Magazine, July 2011 Issue

Read Lisa Pierson's response to the question on"Accepting the Rein" in the "Ask the Experts" section of Dressage Today Magazine - July 2011 Issue. 

This article first appeared in the July 2011 issue of Dressage Today magazine (

"Q My horse won’t keep the left bend and doesn’t accept the right rein.  When I ask for bend with my left rein and release, she moves her  neck back to its previous position.  How should I handle this? Would a counter-bend exercise on a circle be an appropriate exercise?
Tory Larson, Ontario

Lisa Pierson
A First, I’d like to re-phrase your question to come from what I feel is a more helpful perspective: “My horse is hard to bend left. How can I improve his general straightness, suppleness and balance?”  Begin by having your veterinarian make sure that your horse’s problems are not caused by body soreness or unsoundness or tooth or mouth pain. If your horse ishealthy, the root of your riding problem is probably her natural crookedness. ..."  

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